AA General Services Overview



Throughout the world, individuals like you help AA Groups carry the message of AA’s 12 Steps to sick and suffering alcoholics, offering hope, help, and a new way of life.  For those interested in learning how the message of each individual in each AA group has a direct voice on the direction of AA as a whole, the AA General Service Organization has almost limitless opportunities for service.  

In our vicinity alone,  the voice of each individual is carried into the GSO structure regularly in any of the following gatherings of AAs.   

  • A.A. Group Business Meetings
  • District 5 Monthly Meetings
  • District 5 Committee Meetings and Activities
  • Area 15 Quarterly Assemblies  
  • Area 15 Committee Meetings and Activities

Your voice is important, your service is appreciated, and your time is valued.  If you’d like to serve AA in any way to help carry our message, please contact anyone on the Contacts page.

Vacancy for Non-trustee Director on A.A. World Services, Inc. Board

The A.A. World Services, Inc. Board will have one non-trustee Director vacancy available after the 2017 Conference. We are searching for an appropriate individual to fill this position and would ask that you assist in sharing this information.
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Vacancy for Non Trustee Director

District 5  Who We Are
District 5 – Who We Are
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