Current Practices

Legal If you are interested in becoming an active member of the Current Practices Committee or are interested in information about what we do, please feel free to email us at


Chairperson is the immediate past District 5 Chairperson. Other AA members who may serve are selected by the Chairperson. The current District 5 Chairperson is an ex officio member of the Committee. The Chairperson is funded one night lodging and $30. to attend the South Florida Area 15 Assembly. Funds are dispersed if needed and if available. The Chairperson reports both orally and in written report to the District 5 body at monthly District 5 business meetings. The report will be included in the District 5 minutes. 


Updates the Book of Motions and the Book of Current Practices annually. Updates the Legacy of Service at the end of even numbered years. (Legacy of Service is filed to the front of the Current Practice file) 


Meets as necessary throughout the year, but generally only toward the end of the even numbered years to discuss any updates necessary for the

Current Practice folder. E-mails the District 5 Website Chairperson an updated Legacy of Service, Book of Motions and Book of Current Practice on an Annual basis. Provides newly elected District Officers, DCM’s, and GSR’s a binder with the Legacy of Service, Book of Motions and District 5 Current Practice folder as close to the beginning of the odd number years as possible. All other members of the body can download the documents from the website. All GSR’s should make this binder a part of their Groups GSR handbook. DCM’s should carry the binder when visiting Groups and meetings of District 5. Chairperson presents annual budget request to District 5 Finance Chairperson at October business meeting each year.