Alcoholics Anonymous District 5 Archives Committee’s mission of service is to receive, classify and index all relevant material, including but not limited to, administrative files and records, correspondence, and literary and artifactual works considered to have historical import to Alcoholics Anonymous. To hold and preserve such material, making access possible, as determined by the present archivist in consultation with the Archives committee, to members of Alcoholics Anonymous, and those of the public who may have a valid need to review said material, such access to be provided with a mindful view toward the anonymity of our members.

The committee meets monthly at 5pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Extra Storage in Port Charlotte.

If you are interested in becoming an active member of the Archives Committee or are interested in information about what we do, please feel free to stop in or email us at – 


Any member of AA is eligible to be a member of the Archives Committee. The Committee Chairperson is elected by the Committee members. The Committee Chair must be presented at a regular District 5 business meeting for approval. This trusted servant position is held for a period of two years. The Committee also elects an Alternate Chair and may have elections for other trusted servant positions within the Committee.  The Chairperson is responsible for attending the Area Archives Committee meeting and to report back to District 5.


Receive, classify, and index all relevant material, such as administrative files, correspondence, literary and archival works considered to have historical importance to Alcoholics Anonymous. The Committee will hold and preserve such materials and provide access, as determined by the Committee, to members of AA and to those outside AA who have a valid need to review the material so long as there is assurance to preserve the anonymity of AA members.


The Committee holds regular monthly meetings. In addition, it meets regularly at the storage facility where archival material is held to (1) Organize the material, (2) Inventory the material, and (3) Put much of the material into plastic sleeves to preserve it.

They gather monthly Grapevine magazines and bind them yearly.
Provide displays of Archive material for dinners, special events, etc.
Create and update a Homegroup Tree display.

The goal is to establish an online database where all AA members can go to determine what is available to them. The Committee, when requested, provides displays at AA dinners and anniversary parties, or at Group requests.