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Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community

If you are interested in becoming an active member of the PI/CPC Committee or are interested in what we do, please feel free to attend one of our committee meetings.

We meet the first Tuesday of the month at 4:30PM at:
Shannon Staub Library
4675 Career Lane
North Port, FL 34289

The PI/CPC Committee is actively seeking AA members to help us get the word out to alcoholics who are still suffering about our program of recovery.

Contact the PI/CPC Committee

Goals of PI/CPC
The committee is looking for at least 50 foot-soldiers (A.A. members) to assist us in the goals of the committee. The committee hopes to enlist members who work in the professions of medicine, social work, law enforcement and the judiciary to assist the committee in approaching folks who come across alcoholics in their chosen profession.

Any member of any AA group can be a member of the committee and there can be more than one member per group. Members need only be willing to stay sober, consult with their sponsor before joining if they have less than 1-year continuous sobriety, and carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Committee Chairperson, Alternate Chairperson, and Secretary are elected in the Committee from current or rotating out PI/CPC members. Newly elected trusted servants are presented at the District 5 General Service business meeting for approval. The Chairperson (or the Alternate) must have 2 years continuous sobriety, is responsible for attending all District 5 and Area 15 business meetings. The Chairperson or alternate must attend the PI/CPC meeting and report on District 5 activities both orally and by written report at the Area 15 Assembly. The PI/CPC Chairperson will then report back to District 5 at the next business meeting following the Area Assembly. The PI/CPC chair is reimbursed for one night lodging plus $30.00 for the banquet or other expenses when attending the Area 15Assembly

The committee offers a forum for the District 5 Groups to share their experience in carrying the Alcoholics Anonymous message to the general public and to professionals who, in their work, come in contact with alcoholics.
We review literature to determine the best possible A.A. literature to use in accomplishing this task. We also use workbooks and outlines designed by the General Service Office to help carry the message.
1) Maintain our literature in every library in District 5. In addition to literature racks, we ensure that libraries have a Conference approved book such as Alcoholics Anonymous, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, and Living Sober.
2) Place a literature or meeting schedule rack stocked with appropriate literature and meeting schedules in every high school, college, police station, and hospital in the district.
3) Offer CPC presentations to hospital staff, court personnel, industry etc.
4) Continue to encourage members to Adopt Your Doctor by giving them the pamphlet AA as a Resource for the Health Care Professional and permission for a rack of AA literature in waiting rooms.
5) Contact convalescent home, restrooms and senior centers in the district offering AA Literature and/or a presentation on AA.
6) Respond to speaking requests at non-AA meetings in the district. Participate in health fairs, and other events where appropriate.
7) Bring speakers, when invited to DUI classes.
8) Find a co-chair and interested people in order to achieve all the above and most importantly, continue to keep in mind our primary purpose of staying sober and helping other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.
Updated Aug. 2022